• We analyzed what would be the most effective means of protecting the clients’ brands in the cosmetics and medical industries abroad: whether through the conventional means (direct trademark registration with Intellectual Property offices in those countries) or the Madrid Protocol system; we analyzed the client’s brand portfolio to see if there would be any risk to indicate the registration and/or application for registration based on the Madrid Protocol, as well as assessing risks of forfeiture and/or fragility of this base process to support the international protection.

  • We assisted a client in a dispute involving a branding agency that was claiming ownership rights in the trademark developed for the client.

  • We negotiated contractual terms involving the creation of algorithms through open codes in which intellectual property, know-how acquired in development, exclusivity, and licenses were discussed.

  • We assisted a company engaged in the distribution of health products to develop an application used by minors, considering the current legislative scenario for the protection of children and adolescents and the personal data protection (preparation of their terms of use and registration with the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office).

  • We implemented programs for service providers to adapt to the General Data Protection Regulation (LGPD), with a focus on the marketing and technology industries, helped them to review their internal processes related to the personal data processing, and provided consultancy services for the development of products and services that meet the LGPD from their conception.