The firm’s labor area operates in the consultancy, litigation, and administrative areas, with a focus on advice on corporate, legal, and trade union matters.

On top of the highly technical capacity of the professionals, we also have a back-office team responsible for the management of information and legal controllership, to meet clients’ needs and eliminate or reduce contingencies, liabilities and labor responsibilities.

The strategic vision of the labor team, combined with the technical excellence, the pursuit of differentiated solutions, and the delivery of results are preponderant on all our fronts of action, and observed with commitment and effort by professionals in the area.

To provide a personalized legal service in line with our clients’ needs, the labor team is comprised of lawyers with solid experience acquired in large multinational companies and boutique or large offices.


  • Use of state-of-the-art technological tools for strategic data analysis to analyze in depth employment claims, indication of statistical information in line with the company’s internal provision, adoption of methods to reduce payroll liabilities, presentation of performance indicators, among other facilities provided to ensure control and transparency of information related to labor lawsuits.

  • Calculation of the payroll liabilities of a multinational company as a result of the closure of its manufacturing activities in the state of São Paulo, structuring of defense strategies, and implementation of the policy of litigation settlement to reduce the liabilities and the number of shares distributed.

  • Success in employment claims with request for recognition of employment relationships, occupational disease and the respective indemnities, tenure resulting from occupational disease or tenure of pregnant women, discriminatory dismissals, among others.

  • Practical experience in judicial and administrative hearings on labor matters, with a successful history in the construction of factual evidence, compliance with the burden of proof, and removal of testimony of adverse witness.

  • Performance in employment claims filed by officers from large multinationals seeking the recognition of employment relationship and the payment of bonuses backed by stock option or phantom share.

  • Negotiation with unions to establish collective-bargaining norms, and with the Brazilian Labor Prosecution Office/Labor Office to negotiate Conduct Adjustment Agreements.

  • Preparation of articles, newsletters, among other contents aimed at clarifying the most relevant legal and labor issues for the development of our clients’ business activities.