In addition to our expertise in general consultancy services, Direct and Indirect Taxes, and tax, judicial and administrative litigation, our team counts on professionals with solid experience in different areas of Tax Law, with emphasis on our strategic consultancy for: (i) business structuring in Brazil and abroad (which includes partnerships with renowned law firms and tax advisors in the United States, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe); (ii) review of the supply chain and supply chain of different economic groups (which includes the analysis of logistics operations, enforcement of international treaties and tax incentives at all levels of the Federation); and (iii) assistance, from a tax perspective, in corporate reorganizations, in Brazil and abroad.

To speak the same language as our clients, our team is structured in a different way and consists of a combination of professionals who have built their careers not only in large Brazilian full-service offices, tax boutiques and audit companies, but also in multinationals.


  • We advised Brazilian companies in the food, technology and cosmetics areas by analyzing the tax, legal, corporate, labor, and contractual aspects resulting from the structuring of their business and supply chains, both in Brazil and abroad (United States, Latin America, and Europe).

  • We assisted Brazilian agribusiness companies by analyzing the tax, corporate, foreign exchange, and contractual aspects resulting from corporate reorganizations, both in Brazil and abroad, including dissolution, assumption of debt, and assignment of credit, capital reductions, dividend distribution, spin-off and merger of companies.

  • We advised a Brazilian technology company by analyzing the tax aspects and compliance with tax obligations in its logistical structuring, including storage and transshipment points for modal shift until shipment for export.

  • We sponsored judicial and administrative proceedings in order to recognize the right to non-cumulative PIS/COFINS[1] credit, with no restrictions imposed by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service, as well as to the non-payment of taxes (for instance, estate and gift tax (ITCMD) on inheritances received from abroad), and restitution/compensation of taxes unduly paid or overpaid (for example, Siscomex Fee imposed by Ordinance # 257/2011 issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Finance (MF); ICMS[2] included in the tax bases of PIS, COFINS, and Social Security Contribution).

    [1] Social Integration Program and Tax for the Financing of Social Security

    [2] State Goods and Services Tax